Child Custody Modification Grounds to Prove a Parent Unfit

Even as newspapers are filled with stories about unfit parents, it is getting harder and harder to get a judge to acknowledge that a parent is unfit.

You are better off creating a side-by-side comparison chart.

This chart will show in a glance that you are the more appropriate parent.

Show the comparison between:

  • child's health, grades, emotional well-being when the child s with you and the other parent
  • promises made, fulfilled, and not fulfilled

This chart will show in a glance that you are the more appropriate parent.

The process starts with you making a list of the problems on the opposition's side. Then making your counter point.

If you lost custody due to a barrage of lies, you are probably angry and resentful. Put those feelings aside.

The opposition's lies are now your opportunity.

You haven't actually changed.

You were, and are a good person, and given a chance a great parent.

  • Make your chart listing your flaws as they stated them.
  • Across from each flaw describe the new and improved you.


  • They convinced the court you did drugs. List that in the first column.
  • Take drug tests on a regular basis and list the documented evidence that you are "clean" in the second column.

Courts are pleased when they think a parent has made great strides to change bad behaviors in order to care for a child.

The oppisition has more time and willingness to spend with the child.

If your child is stuck in day-care or in the care of others for extended lengths of time on a regular basis, find a way to document that situation and chart it.

Get a copy of your work schedule from the company you work for, or a bank statement proving you work for yourself and the hours you work, and chart it.

If the other parent gets off work at 6:pm, your child gets out of school at 3:pm, and your work schedule allows you to pick your child up from school or day care for those three hours each day, chart it.

a chart would give you an opportunity to list the lies told, and the court accepted as truth and show how much you have improved since the last court date.

If they lied about:

  • your behavior
  • better living conditions than actually existed
  • healthier environment
  • other parents interest or ability to keep or involve the child in more activities
  • other ability and willingness to spend more time with the child

This way the evidence casts blame -- not you. Get Started today with your own copy of the Win Your Child Custody War manual with examples of side-by-side comparisons and charts.

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