Child Custody Case Management Forms

Case Management Conference:

A court date is simply the magistrate or judge and both the plaintiff and defendant of the case coming together to see if all the paperwork for the processes and procedures have been completed and if the judges orders have been followed. If everybody has everything completed the judge could decide to go on with the divorce case trial, schedule the trial date or continue the case to another day.

Case Management Software:

The programs used by Lawyers, Courts and Judges to keep all the cases on track and meet the jurisdictional deadlines.

Case Management Forms:

The Child Custody Case Management Forms is a book of Explanations; Fill-In Forms, Examples of Court Documents; Examples of Letters; Examples of how to assemble information into Evidence

Tune-Up Tool for Your Child Custody Case

If you agree with any of these statements, you need to keep reading.

  • I haven't had a level playing filed since this child custody case started.
  • The other parent has fooled everyone connected with this custody case.
  • My situation goes from bad to worse as each day passes.
  • The other parent lies to everyone and no one cares.
  • It feels like my own lawyer is working against me.
  • The other side doesn't care what happens to the children as long as they hurt me.
  • The child custody courts have gone overboard to protect the other parents rights.

Why don't others care as much about this case as you do?

The child custody courts are backlogged and your concerns, complaints and the help your children need are given only a rushed listen or are blatantly ignored by the court. Even the custody attorney you hired is slow or will no longer return your calls.

When you report the neglect and abuse your children suffer, they call it hearsay. Often when you attempt to report problems as serious as child abuse or Parental Alienation Syndrome they accuse you of whining and only pursuing your own interests.

You can make them listen and understand and see the truth. Turn hearsay the child custody court ignores into hard evidence the court will hear and consider.

Move farther along in one day on your custody case than you have been able to accomplish in the last six months.

These forms are important whether you are fighting the initial case or a change of circumstances case.

As your custody case progresses you will identify what it is the court needs and with this book you will know how to put it together and present it in child custody court in an organized manner.

These forms are just examples and are available for you to copy, adapt, and use with competent legal advice.

The forms included in this book are not legal forms in the sense that they may or may not meet the requirements of your jurisdiction, they are tools to help you manage your custody case.

Designed to save you time, aggravation, and money. This book is 8" X 10" and contains more than 240 forms and examples.

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