Child Custody Deposition Questions

Prepare to answer deposition questions and know what you can get
from the deposition questions you ask.

Deposition is one of the most valuable tools in a child custody war.

  • Keep the opposition from deposing you repeatedly.
  • Stop inappropriate fishing expositions into your private life.
  • What and who you must bring to your deposition.
  • Help your attorney create the most probing deposition possible.
  • Physically and emotionally prepare for the deposition.
  • Understand their case by dissecting the questions they ask you.
  • The reasons you may refuse to be deposed.
  • How and when you may walk out of a deposition.

If you are dealing with issues such as:

  • Other Parent Is A Chameleon
  • There Are Horrible Things The Evaluator Needs To Know
  • Fighting Influence & Money
  • They Have Accused Me Of Everything
  • Huge Discrepancies In Parenting Ability
  • PAS, Malicious Parent or Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy
  • They Lie About Everything
  • Lying to custody evaluator is very dangerous

The 'Win"' book shows you how to document the truth and present it to the evaluator.

Win Your Child Custody War will help you:

  • Gain and maintain the proper mind-set. Ease the stress for your children.
    Prepare yourself.
    Separate issues and non-issues.
    Furnish documentation.
    Present information that may not offer in any other venue.
    Identify your concerns about the other parent.
    Answer questions from the professional.
    Respond to insulting or untrue information from opposition.
    Understand which information you can have suppressed in court.
    Know when and how to complain about an unfair evaluation.
    Eradicate problems the evaluation says you have.

Turn a bad evaluation into a good one.

Eliminate lies and hearsay presented by the other side.
The Win Your Child Custody War is the information and the power you need.

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