Child Custody and Father's Rights

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Fathers Rights

No one cares about father's rights unless the denial of rights affects them personally. For some reason there doesn't seem to be much concern about children having access to their fathers. There does seem to be concern when any parent keeps children away from the people the children love.

Hundreds of thousands of fathers are caught in the battle of their lives to win custody of their children. Disenchanted by the process, many wonder if they will ever again be an important part of their sons' and daughters' lives.

Our child custody book provides useful information on custody laws, ideas to strengthen your cases, and ways to avoid losing custody. Fathers who are working on gaining sole or joint custody of their children following a divorce will find the resources in our Fathers and Child custody book to help in their efforts.

It is always an uphill battle for fathers to win custody of the children in the divorce process. Our child custody book will show you the cardinal rules for dads to follow in their war and battle to gain custody.

Fathers and Child custody and they different types of child custody can be confusing. Do not be blindsided and let the other side get an unfair advantage. Our child custody rights book will give you the tools to help you achieve victory in your child custody fight. Learn and prepare yourself for your child custody battle.

The factors influencing father getting custody of child are very similar to the factors that influence a mother getting custody. You just have to show that you do in fact have all the attributes that people seem to assume mothers already have.

Win Your Child Custody War list many of the issues you want to raise and help you identify which issues the court considers important and tell you which documentation you will need to gather. It will also show you how to have documentation say any bad things necessary.

Fact: You and your children need to be together.

Refrain from stating: I am denied access to my children.

Proper statement: My child need access to all of the people my child loves and my child is denied access to me.

The Win Your Child Custody War manual was originally written for men pursuing contact with and custody of their children. The problems have not changed, you are still fighting an up hill battle.

Even the male judge that has lost his wife to cancer and is raising his children doesn't think most fathers can do as good a job as he is doing. He thinks he is alone in wanting to meet his children's needs on a daily basis.

The Win Your Child Custody War manual will help you present the best possible case you can.

Get your copy today and start turning things around.

Deposition: Child Custody Deposition Questions

One of the most valuable tools in a child custody war.

Prepare to answer deposition questions and know what you can can get from the deposition questions you ask.

Do not be manipulated any longer. Countless resources and successful strategies from hundreds of successful child custody battles. Information from this all-encompassing tome ranging from proving perjury to court costs, this compendium of essential information is the definitive how-to book for winning your child custody war. It's an in-depth and detailed analysis of everything you need to know in order to ensure success during the most important battle of your life.

Child Custody Battles Hold Large and Small Companies Hostage

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