How to go to Visitation Without Throwing-Up

Examples from the book

What If List

Read the list.
If something could happen easily put an "L" for Likely. If it would be hard for this to happen put a "U" for Unlikely.
  • What if school fixed spinach 4 different ways for lunch tomorrow?
  • What if everyone gives me socks for my birthday?
  • What if all my friends move away?
  • What if a butterfly sits on my head?
  • What if I forget what my house looks like?
  • What if the tree in the back yard started growing money?
  • What if the airplane can't find it's way back?
  • What if I go to school and I don't know anyone?
  • What if every chair I sit on turns blue?
  • What if my mom or dad gets sick and can never take care of me?
  • What if our house was on a different block each day?
  • What if all my schoolwork was too easy?
  • What if I can't think of anything fun to do?
  • What if my name changed to my favorite superhero's name?
  • What if I write a book?

Anagram Your Name

An anagram is word or phrase made by using the letters of another word or phrase. See how many words you can make out of your name.
My Name Your Name
Joshua Evans  
John, Jean, Jesus, Java, Juan, Jonah, Joe  
Susan, son, sun, she, so, suave, shove, shave, shoes, she's, save, sue, sand  
he, have, hash, hen, hoe, has, hose, hone, he's, hand, hues  
on, ones, out, oven  
ashes, as, a, and  
vase, van, vane  
Navajo, noses  
us, use  
eons, Eva  

Cross Out

  • Cross out the thing that does not belong with the rest.
  • snow flake, iceberg, icicles, water, glacier, ice cube
  • olives, pickles, potato chips, jam
  • lime, kumquat, orange, grape, grapefruit, tangerine, lemon
  • bird, plane, car, balloon, kite
  • beach, ocean, pond, lake, river, sea, pool
  • shortstop, bat boy, pitcher, quarterback, center fielder
  • diamond, ruby, pearl, sapphire, marble, emerald, jade, garnet
  • plate, cup, spoon, napkin, knife, fork, chair
  • Arizona, Houston, Florida, Nebraska, Wyoming, New York
  • e-mail, telephone, talk, letter, fax
  • puppy, kitten, chick, horse, calf
  • rose, tulip, seed, carnation, poppy, violet
  • road, street, lane, drive, lot, court, highway, interstate
  • bee, snail, lady bug, mouse, beetle, butterfly, spider, ant

*** Wish List ***

My mom said when she was a little girl she would hold her arms out to the sides and run into a big wind and wish she could fly.
My dad would climb high on the jungle bars and wish he could pilot an airplane to exciting places.

*** This is my wish list ***
  • Go to a place that has skate board ramps and play all day and not break my arm.
  • Sit in the front of the airplane with the pilot when I fly to visit.
  • Get to be the pitcher on my baseball team and not let the other team walk to base or hit any pitches I throw.
  • Be on Honor Roll without having to do my homework.
  • Make my good stuff float too high for little kids to reach when they come in my room.
  • Go to regular summer camp and Boy Scout camp in the same summer.
  • Find the stuff I do wrong and fix it before my parents find it.
  • Make the garbage take itself out.
  • Get my dad to teach me to drive before I am 16 years old.
*** Your wish list ***
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